About Gold Stone Creative

I’m the mom of a kid fighting cancer. But that’s not how this all started, but it is the reason of the Gold, in Gold Stone Creative. The childhood cancer awareness ribbon is gold.

At the end of August 2022 I was laid off from my full time job as an Administrative Assistant at a large financial institution. Soon after (a week), my car was totaled. At the time, there was an automotive part crisis apparently and the shops were backed up. I couldn’t even get an estimate done to know how much damage there was or if the car would get totaled. Since I now didn’t have a car, I was focused on seeking a remote position and opportunities were sparce.

In October 2022, my 15 year old son started having medical issues, it was just weird things here and there, nothing that seemed major. By mid October I finally secured a rental vehicle and widened my employment search, still with no luck.

By the beginning of November the medical issues were increasing and we ended up in the emergency room with what I thought was a blood clot in his leg. He would eventually be diagnosed with stage IV, group IV, Rhabdomyosarcoma.

It was at that point I knew I couldn’t return to work full time as I needed to be available for his many medical appointments as well as to take care of him at home full time.

Gold Stone Creative was started as a way for me to earn a little money while staying home with him and travelling back and forth from home to the Mayo for his treatments.

August 2023: Unfortunately my amazing son has lost his battle. I will continue Gold Stone Creative because it was born out of my love for him.